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Grainger Canada is proud to support customers across Canada, providing the products and services they need to keep the world working. From first responders in healthcare, law enforcement and border security to essential services in food and beverage, manufacturing and utilities. Thank you for all you do. We’re here for you.

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Practice Social Distancing

Take steps to maintain six feet of distance by reducing occupancy and contact density in your work environments. Make sure your employees who are working from home have the products they need to get their jobs done.

Floor Plan Change

Redesign your spaces to reduce the density of occupants and minimize unsafe interactions.

Signage & Floor Marking

Clearly mark areas to remind your employees to practice physical distancing and interact safely.

Work from Home Supplies

Get your employees what they need to help maintain productivity while working remotely.

Maintain Clean Facilities

Whether it’s more frequent attention or a deeper clean your building requires, Grainger has the products, supplies and equipment to help you maintain clean facilities. From air quality control to touch-free technology, here’s how to make your work environment shine and help prevent the spread of germs.

Air Quality

Clear the air with products that can help reduce the transmission of airborne diseases.

Frequent Cleaning

A more frequent cleaning schedule plays a key role in maintaining healthy conditions.

Deep / Special Cleaning

For enhanced cleaning, get the products to deep clean in specific areas and applications.

Touchless Facility

Touch-free products reduce contact with shared surfaces, minimizing the spread of germs.

Manage Exposure

Sometimes your employees and guests have to interact. When they do, take precautions with this collection of products to help minimize their risk of exposure to harmful germs when they’re in shared spaces or using shared equipment.

Personal Protection

Give your employees an extra layer of protection to help safeguard against respiratory and contact-driven diseases.

Temporary Areas

Create temporary support structures to help facilitate your new safety and operational processes.

Shared Equipment

Minimize the risk of disease transmission while working with machinery, tools and other shared equipment.

Recover Operations

When the time comes to ramp up production again, use this collection of items to help safely and smoothly adjust or restart your operations with minimal disruptions to your schedule.

Repurposing Operations

Shop the equipment to support repurposing operations driven by today’s emergency scenarios.

Startup After an Extended Shutdown

Take preventive measures to help ensure a smooth transition when your facility resumes production.

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